Remuneration Policy Statement


Alvar Financial’s Board of Directors reviews the firm’s Remuneration Policy on an annual basis to ensure that it remains appropriate, relevant to the firm’s business, and meets the firm’s obligations to manage potential risks posed. The objectives which the firm promotes through its Remuneration Policy are:

  • To reward value-creating, competent and responsible conduct;
  • To support enhanced job satisfaction and performance;
  • To promote sound and efficient risk management;
  • To prevent conflicts of interest and ensure that the obligation of the firm and its staff to act in the best interest of its clients is not compromised;
  • To ensure that the basis of remuneration complies with applicable law and regulation.

Alvar Financial pays variable bonuses to its staff in a discretionary manner based on established objective criteria, in order to ensure that potential risks to the firm and its clients are mitigated. The Board of Directors is responsible for review and recommendations regarding the firm’s remuneration of its officers and senior employees.