Trade global commodities

  • Tight spreads on commodities
  • Spot and futures
  • Energies, gold and silver
MarketSymbolSpread from (in cents)Trading hoursBreaksMin. /max. trade size*Unit riskOne point move examplePRO margin
Gold spotGOLDsb40Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.001/10000.11725.33 to 1725.431%
Gold futuresGOLDsb_f0.5Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.0010.11725.33 to 1725.431%
Silver futuresSILVERsb_f2.5Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.0010.52429.1 to 2429.61%
Brent Crude Oil spotBRENTsb3Mon 01.00-Fri 21.0021.00-01.001/10000.0156.00 to 56.011%
Brent Crude Oil futuresBRENTsb_f5Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.001157.00 to 58.001%
WTI Crude Oil spotWTIsb3Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.001/10000.0153.14 to 53.151%
WTI Crude Oil futuresWTIsb_f0.04Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.0010.0153.14 to 53.151%
MarketSymbolSpread from (in cents)Trading hoursBreaksContract sizeMin./max. trade size*Tick pricePRO margin
Gold spotXAUUSD20Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.001000.01/50011%
Gold futuresGOLD_f0.5Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.0010010.11%
Silver spotXAGUSD3Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.0050000.01/50051%
Silver futures (per 0.5)SILVER_f2.5Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.00210.11%
Brent Crude Oil spotBRENT3Mon 01.00-Fri 21.0021.00-01.001000.1/10000.11%
Brent Crude Oil futuresBRENT_f5Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.001111%
WTI Crude Oil spotWTI3Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.001000.1/10000.11%
WTI Crude Oil futures (per 0.01)WTI_f0.04Sun 23.00-Fri 22.0022.00-23.0010010.011%

*While we have a maximum trade size for individual trades, there is no limit on the combined size of trades you can have on any market, subject to available margin funds.